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See Everything from Miles Away Like You Are Standing Next to It

Breakthrough new monocular telescope RELEASED. Better than top of the line telescopes & lens for only a fraction of the cost!

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This is just what you need for vacations, sports events, concerts, enjoying nature, or discovering what your noisy neighbors are actually doing over there.

The Starscope Monocular is the tiny hand-held miracle that instantly gives you the eyes of an eagle. In case you forgot, an eagle can read a US quarter at one mile! Similarly, this monocular gives you fabulous up-close views for both easy tele photography and super human viewing.

The magnified viewing of Starscope Monocular has been tested, and found to equal or exceed the zoom and photo quality produced by some of the most expensive brands on the market. Thanks to modern computer design and advanced CCD fabrication, they’re extremely proud to have manufactured such a high-quality product at such a modest price point.

We’ve all experienced moments where what you see is far more epic than what you can capture with your smartphone camera or stationary telescope. Most of the time you try and try, hoping for that lucky view. But all you get are blurry images. With Starscope Monocular, you will be able to zoom in 10x and focus on what your smartphone can’t. With its included stabilizing tripod, you will get the perfect view every time.

"See everything from miles away like you are standing next to it!"

* CLEARLY SEE EVERY DETAIL of the action at sports events. The Starscope Monocular allows you to understand all that's happening on the field or court.

Observe subtle hand signals, facial expressions of the coach, read the lips of players, and clearly see far away action others can't make out. You can be the person who explains what's happening to friends and fans seated near you.

* OBSERVE WILDLIFE LIKE FEW CAN. The hand-held Starscope Monocular is perfect for clearly observing birds, whales, deer, bears, and much more. Keep your distance for safety while letting wildlife behave normally. You clearly see details with accurate color and no blurry images.




Starscope Monocular can zoom in from miles away! It’s splash and spray resistant, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor excursion.


Starscope Monocular is compatible with most smartphones – Apple, Android or virtually any other, by any manufacturer. You don’t need any special knowledge or technical ability.

You can also use the Starscope Monocular without a phone. The monocular is a fully-functional telescopic monocular, you can hold it up to your eye and see everything from miles away like you are standing next to it!


Last week we set out to watch the deer in the nearby countryside. Off in the distance was a herd of whitetail just making their way onto an open field. I slowly pulled the Starscope Monocular out of my coat pocket and was instantly able to see a mother and her two spotted babies.

All at a good distance away. It was spectacular watching them graze and scamper about without being close enough to disturb them or scare them away.

Celebrities, Bloggers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Professional Photographers are already making the switch to the newest, most powerful high-resolution lens.

Better Than Super Expensive Telescopes!


The chief engineer of Starscope Monocular said:

"Like many of us, I was tired of carrying around heavy, expensive monoculars and binoculars with their huge bulk."

"That’s when it hit me. Why not make a super-sharp telescopic lens that could fit in a pocket? Not cheap, flimsy, blurry lenses that make inferior images. Why not make a scope with crisp, clear, gorgeous images that are as good as when you spend $3,000?"

"Because technology was advancing so fast, we used modern CNC equipment, optical programs on the fastest computers, and high-tech designs to create a reasonably-priced telescope that was as good as those from the most expensive brands."


Instant Telephoto Perfection, Is This $49 Monocular Better Than Super Expensive Telescopes & Lens?

My buddy Jim spent over $3,000 on a cool professional telephoto lens for his fancy camera. He showed me some very impressive pics he took of faraway boats, mountains, geese, and sports scenes.

This I pulled out my phone and showed Jim what I had been shooting with the help of the Starscope Monocular. As I thumbed through my images to find the pics I took, I explained how you simply hold the Monocular up to your phone lens and start clicking. Easy peasy!

Well, I should NOT have done that. The moment Jim saw my telephoto pictures the air went out of his sails. His mouth dropped open.

"You're kidding. You took those pictures with that little telescope you keep in your pocket?"

It's true. My pictures were just as clear, defined, and color correct as Jim's expensive camera and telephoto lens. My pics zoomed in on far away objects, wildlife, and sports action as if I was working for National Geographic and Sports Illustrated.


Starscope Monocular is being released in limited quantities. I’d advise you to grab yours before the super-low introductory price is raised!

This premium monocular telescope is selling for a massive discount off its normal price!! So make sure you hurry and grab yours now at the discounted price. If you want to make sure you’re always prepared for taking the best photo and have the best view, Starscope Monocular is a great start. It has our vote.

These Starscope Monocular are selling for 50% off their normal price! So make sure you hurry and grab yours now at the discounted price.

Revolutionary NEW Design with Advanced Miniaturization


The Starscope Monocular is fun to use. But its value goes much deeper.

Just a few years ago this kind of high quality optical device could have cost several thousand dollars. A clear, sharp focus requires high quality optics. That kind of excellence has always been expensive.

But not any more. Thanks to a breakthrough in manufacturing and design, experts are now able to pack an amazing amount of clarity and magnification in a tiny monocular. And it's AFFORDABLE!

Own this Starscope Monocular for less than you might spend on a fast food dinner for the family. No more draining the bank account or signing up for years of monthly payments. Now you can own a true optical miracle at an amazing LOW price that could put one of these in every pocket.


Why do we call it a monocular? Because it has one eyepiece lens and objective front lens. You look through it like a telescope, only the Starscope Monocular is much smaller.

The Starscope Monocular magnifies up to 10 times. That's the ideal magnification for a small handheld telescope. Higher magnification gives you a shaky view, is very hard to hold and steady, and probably won't give you a clear image or proper color.

That's why you should always pass up small telescopes and monoculars that claim 35x, 100x, 200x. They simply aren't practical. It's absolutely impossible to hold or even steady at that magnification. You will quickly wish you bought 10x.


This Comes with Everything You Need

Normally buying a telescope or camera equipment is like buying a fish. You then have to spring for all kinds of accessories and add-on's that can get very expensive.

You will be delighted to know the Starscope Monocular comes with absolutely EVERYTHING you need. It arrives packed well and ready to use. Instantly do everything we talked about in this article. It's easy and intuitive to use with no experience necessary.


Does the lightweight, portable and durable Starscope Monocular actually work to produce powerful, professional pictures and viewing from your phone? Here’s what people are saying:

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My Instagram followers love my new addiction to Starscope Monocular. This epic lens transformed my phone to a professional telescope instantly! #zoomaddict #AmberJordanBlogger #StarscopeMonocularLens


Treat Yourself to Perfection - Get YOUR Starscope Monocular

Now see and experience so much more with this amazingly capable and affordable optical wonder. Right now, they're offering it at a giant 50% OFF. Plus, you can buy several so everyone in the family has their own - all at a big discount.

Get yours and make life so much more fun and interesting!

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